Letter from Syngenta: Proud to honor the HILA Class of 2018

2018 Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards - 2018 Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards: Letter from Syngenta

July 5, 2018

As the horticultural market continues to innovate and evolve, insects and diseases remain an ongoing challenge. We are continually impressed by the commitment of growers to maintain clean, pest-free growing environments and are proud to be part of this unique industry.

We are honored to partner with Greenhouse Management and Nursery Management once again to recognize the extraordinary individuals who have made substantial achievements in the horticulture industry. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 Horticultural Industries Leadership Award winners: Nancy Buley, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.; Barbara Jeffery-Gibson, Jeffery’s Greenhouses; Jim Monroe, Greenbrier Nurseries; Amy Morris, N.G. Heimos Greenhouse/Millstadt Young Plants; Peter Orum, Midwest Groundcovers; and John Hoffman, Hoffman Nursery.

These recipients have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment, and have positively impacted customers, businesses and the industry as a whole.

Syngenta remains committed to partnering with you to help you grow your success. Earlier this year, we introduced Advion® fire ant bait to the nursery market, providing a fast and effective tool for growers with outdoor operations. We continue to offer convenient Multipaks to provide you added value and the opportunity to purchase broad-spectrum products in one convenient package.

Our broad portfolio of plant protection products is designed to offer greenhouse and nursery growers efficient, proven and effective solutions for insect, disease and shelf-life management. We’re proud of the innovative brands you have come to know and trust, such as Mainspring® GNL insecticide and Mural® and Segovis® fungicides, and we continue to invest in research and development for new solutions. One of these new developments, Acelepryn® insecticide, is expected to receive federal registration this summer and will help you better control key pests on ornamental plants, trees and shrubs.

Again, congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards! Thank you for the vital role you play in growing strong, healthy and beautiful plants.

Tripp Trotter
Head of Marketing, Turf and Ornamental

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