Proud to honor the HILAs class of 2017

2017 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards - Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards: Syngenta Letter

July 6, 2017

The horticultural industry has seen many opportunities and challenges during this past year. Growers continue to navigate a myriad of issues and we at Syngenta continue to be impressed by their dedication to growing beautiful, healthy plants.

We are honored to be partnering with Greenhouse Management and Nursery Management to recognize the extraordinary individuals who have made substantial achievements in the horticulture industry and are the deserving recipients of this year’s Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Horticultural Industries Leadership Award winners: Tom Demaline, Willoway Nurseries; Mark Foertmeyer, Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse Co.; Mike Gooder, Plantpeddler; Gary Hennen, Oglesby Plants International; Terry Hines, Hale and Hines Nursery; Skeetter McCorkle, McCorkle Nurseries Inc. These winners have demonstrated exceptional leadership, perseverance and diligence that have positively impacted customers, businesses and the industry as a whole.

It has been an exciting year for Syngenta as we continue developing solutions for the challenges you face, making effective chemical applications one less thing to worry about. In 2016 we launched Mainspring®, GNL insecticide and Mural®, and Segovis®, fungicides, innovative plant protection solutions for both greenhouse and nursery use. Mainspring GNL is a non-neonicotinoid in a recently added chemistry class that is compatible with a number of beneficial insects for use in IPM strategies. Additionally, both Mural and Segovis bring unique active ingredients to the market for disease control and are excellent additions to fungicide rotation programs. As the number of traditional chemical and biological control products grows, putting together effective rotation strategies that also minimize resistance development is more important than ever in the fight to keep ornamental plants insect and disease free. Syngenta has developed several agronomic programs to help growers put these strategies together, utilizing a rotation of proven products with differing modes of action for comprehensive control. We also introduced three Multipaks that offer compatible products for controlling a broad-spectrum of insects and diseases.

No matter the pest, Syngenta is dedicated to providing a wide range of products to help keep your greenhouses and nurseries pest free. We continue to offer the brands you know and trust, such as Subdue Maxx®, fungicide and Avid®, miticide/insecticide, while simultaneously investing in research and development for new innovations. It’s a given that growing conditions and industry challenges will continue to change, but Syngenta is committed to providing innovative products and support to help your businesses grow and succeed.

Again, congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards! We are proud to honor these individuals who play a vital role in helping to grow this exciting industry.

Tripp Trotter

Head of Marketing, Turf and Ornamental


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