Punch out pests: whiteflies

Punch out pests: whiteflies

The experts at SePRO address pest-related questions to help growers knock down infestation problems more effectively.

October 12, 2016

Q: Dear SePRO, I'm about midway through my poinsettia production cycle, and I've noticed whiteflies making their way into the crop. How can I knock them back before they become a bigger issue? 

Mark Brotherton, SePRO Portfolio Leader: Fortunately, SePRO has a few products that are have great crop safety on poinsettias and do an excellent job controlling whiteflies. 

Rycar Insecticide would be your go-to product to quickly control the outbreak. You man also consider adding an insect growth regulator (IGR) to your application. Talus IGR is an excellent complement to Rycar. 

Once your whitefly population is under control, I would recommend implementing a routine program, being certain to rotate chemistries. 

Another product I would recommend be part of your rotation is Preferal Microbial Insecticide. 

Additionally, all three of these solutions are highly compatible with beneficial insects should you have or choose to implement one.


Photo: Dreamstime.com