Putting consumers first
Joe Messer with Dazzling Peach, a combination of snapdragon and verbena
Photo: Patrick Williams

Putting consumers first

Hem Genetics placed a priority on pot mixes at pack trials.

March 28, 2019

Joe Messer, manager, North America at Hem Genetics, which displayed its varieties at Speedling, wants to inspire growers and retailers to think more about mixing plants. Many customers, including Millennials, gravitate toward pot mixes, and Messer and his colleagues at Hem Genetics are encouraging the industry to be considerate of these tastes.

Here are some mix options Messer suggests:

Strawberry Smoothie: A mix of Solar Avalanche vinca — the one on the inside of the pot has a dark eye and brighter color farther out on its flowers, and vice versa

Dazzling Peach: A mixed combination of new Dazzling Nights verbena with purple-magenta flowers and Twinny peach, an All-America Selections award-winning snapdragon

Jack-O-Lantern: Snappy peach snapdragon and Cello violet viola, colors that work well for fall displays

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