RainSoil hires Tim Meyers as regional sales representative

RainSoil hires Tim Meyers as regional sales representative

Meyers was previously regional sales manager at Abbott-Ipco and regional sales rep at Casa Flora.

March 6, 2018
Press Release

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – RainSoil has expanded their sales team again with the addition of Tim Meyers as regional sales representative.

“Over the previous two months we have hired two sales professionals to join our team, and we couldn’t be
more excited. Tim is our most recent team member,” said Dr. Johann Buck, director of sales & product development for RainSoil. “We knew right away that we wanted him on our team. Whether it’s his family, coworkers, or customers, Tim genuinely cares about those around him. Customers can count on him to both follow up and follow through. Our industry is fortunate to have people like Tim.”

Meyers brings great horticulture understanding and experience to his new role, having most recently worked with
Abbott-Ipco as regional sales manager, and before that as a regional sales rep for Casa Flora. Additional
experience in the logistics industry gave him even more relationship and business-building skills. He holds a
bachelor of science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

“Tim joins our RainSoil team at a very exciting time,” said Kyle Bybee, RainSoil CEO. “We are determined to
help our customers grow their business by finding incremental and continual ways to improve their products.
Tim’s fun personality, his experience and his customer-centered approach make him the perfect fit for

Tim may be reached at tmeyers@rainsoil.com or 972-415-1575.