Ridder to showcase environmentally friendly products at GreenTech
Photo courtesy of Ridder

Ridder to showcase environmentally friendly products at GreenTech

Additionally, the company's products are up for three awards at the trade show.


Ridder, a Dutch family-owned company and a supplier of smart inside greenhouse technology, is unveiling their innovations at the upcoming GreenTech trade show and exhibition, to be held June 11-13 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. The innovations are geared towards growing plants more efficiently with intelligent automation software, novel water treatment technologies and innovative R&D partnerships.

Ridder’s goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of the international horticulture industry and increase the efficiency of greenhouse businesses, using the best possible methods to support growers gain maximum insight and control over their climate, water and energy management and increase the bottom line of their businesses.

The innovations that Ridder will be presenting at GreenTech have already gained recognition in the horticulture industry. Out of some 50 submissions, the GreenTech Expert Jury has selected and nominated three of Ridder’s innovations for the 2019 GreenTech Innovation Awards in the innovation, sustainability and impact categories. The nominated innovations are the Ridder NoNa+ selective sodium removal unit, the Ridder CO2 Optimizer autonomous advisory tool and the Ridder Co-Creation Climate Screens concept