Royal FloraHolland announces agreement with Blueroots
Photo courtesy of Royal FloraHolland

Royal FloraHolland announces agreement with Blueroots

The Netherlands-based flower marketplace is expanding its digital footprint.

February 22, 2019

Royal FloraHolland, the Netherlands-based plant marketplace, is expanding its digital footprint. According to a press release, the company has purchased a 50 percent stake in Blueroots, a digital platform that facilitates digital interactions between companies in the floral sector. As part of the agreement, Royal FloraHolland and Blueroots are launching a joint project that aims to improve the "international competitive position of the Dutch floriculture industry" by digitizing the supply chain. 

"The effect of the joint venture is that the sales opportunities via Floriday will increase further for growers. In addition, they will gain more insight into precisely where their products are sold," the press release reads. "This is the unique value proposition Blueroots once started with. Data exchange throughout the chain will soon be possible in a modern way via the so-called API structure that will be rolled out as standard by Floriday. The trading companies behind Blueroots will gain access to the entire supply of flowers and plants, and a modern digital (API) link, via this collaboration." 

A start date for the project has not yet been determined, according to the press release.