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Produce Expansion Guide - 2016 Produce Expansion Guide: Food Safety

Understanding Food and Drug Administration’s new produce standards is important in order to be compliant in your growing operation.

February 24, 2016

FDA’s Produce Safety Final Rule — as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) — became effective Jan. 26, 2016. The rule will implement standards for safe growing, harvesting, packing and holding of produce grown for human consumption, including guidelines for agricultural water, biological soil amendments, sprouts, domesticated and wild animals, worker training and health and hygiene, and equipment, tools and buildings.

Below are resources available for reference to understand how the rule applies to you, and how to implement the standards in your operation.

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA FSMA Final Rule on Produce Safety Factsheet

An outline published by FDA that includes an overview of each main component of the Produce Safety Final Rule.

Background on the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

A breakdown of FDA’s key new authorities and mandates, including Prevention, Inspection and Compliance, Response, Imports and Enhanced Partnerships (also available in PDF).

Full Text of the Food Safety Modernization Act

Also available in PDF.

The Produce Safety Alliance (PSA)

A collaboration between Cornell University, FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help growers meet regulatory requirements for new proposals of FSMA through information and training of produce safety and co-management practices.

Facebook: ProduceSafetyAlliance

Produce Safety Alliance News Page

Archived monthly newsletters and recent activities.

Points of Contact

Elizabeth A. Bihn, Ph.D. — Produce Safety Alliance Director

(315) 787-2625

Gretchen L. Wall, M.S. — Produce Safety Alliance Coordinator

(607) 255-6806

Produce Marketing Association (PMA)

FSMA Implementation Overview

Information regarding training, new recordkeeping requirements, development of technical and legal resources as well as budgeting for the capital and recurring costs.

Dissecting the FSMA PC Rules

By Dr. Jim Gorny, PMA VP of Food Safety & Technology

FSMA Final Rule Series: Produce Safety Rule

A previously recorded webinar in partnership with United Fresh to review key points of the Produce Rule, along with a question- and-answer session.

Sprout Safety Alliance (SSA)

SSA Homepage

An FDA/Institute for Food Safety and Health-Illinois Institute of Technology alliance that develops core curriculum, training and outreach programs for sprout growers to enhance industry understanding and implementation of best practices and requirements relative to the rule on standards for produce safety required by FSMA.

Point of Contact

Kaping Deng, Ph.D. — Sprout Safety Alliance Co-chair

(708) 563-8170