Spring Trials 2018 - 2018 California Spring Trials Preview: Northern Trials

Featuring: Hem Genetics, Thompson & Morgan, Plant Source International, Vista Farms, Lambert Soil

March 9, 2018

Plant Source International

The Chameleon series of calibrachoa marks an industry first for calibrachoa breeding. The plants continually change color throughout the season, reacting to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors. Chameleon provides gardeners a unique blend of colors on a single plant, which is not found in other traditional bedding plants.

Chameleon series


Pansy Cello Raspberry Surprise

Pansy Cello Raspberry Surprise adds a unique color to Hem Genetics’ large-flowered Pansy Cello series. The flowers are comprised of an attractive combination of raspberry, cream, yellow, rust, with blotch. The series performs well in both fall and spring.


Tropaeolum majus Orchid Flame is a truly astounding development in nasturtiums, fresh from Thompson & Morgan’s innovative plant breeding program. Not only do the summer flowers look like exotic orchids, they also change color. This exclusive variety offers masses of color on compact plants.

Orchid Flame