Spring Trials Variety Guide

Supplement - Spring Trials Variety Guide

Take an inside look at some of the varieties that were to be highlighted at CAST 2020.

April 23, 2020

Dümmen Orange

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Series

Roller Coaster varieties are a new and unique series of New Guinea Impatiens. They not only boast a large flower with double the petals, but each petal has a ruffled margin, like the tracks of a roller coaster, giving a much more three-dimensional effect in the garden.

Begonia I’Conia Bacio Series

Bacio means “Little Kiss,” and these were named because they are a miniature version of the best-selling Portofinos. Like the Portofino, they have the rich, decadent foliage color and are tolerant of full sun or full shade in most climates. They have brightly colored flowers that will really pop against the dark leaves, and the flowers are smaller but more plentiful than most begonias, giving a full flush of color all summer long. Being naturally smaller plants, they’re the perfect pick for quart containers or even baskets if you don’t want the plants to get overly large in the season.

Coleus Main Street Beale Street

This is the first coleus to win the All-America Selections award. Beale Street was proven to be the only true red coleus on the market that stood in full sun conditions without fading, flecking or scorching throughout North America, and resisted flowering months later than comparison varieties.

Geranium Big EEZE Watermelon

An interspecific geranium series engineered with all the benefits of zonal and ivy geraniums but keeping the classic look of a zonal geranium that consumers want, with ultra large flowers, stronger habits and superior summer performance. Watermelon is the newest addition with a screaming pink color perfect for summer.

Petunia DuraBloom Series

This is the first interspecific series of petunias that have had the traditional floriferous types crossed with a new wild species with a very robust root system that is heat and drought tolerant. The results are strong plants which are both “tough and pretty.” Daylength neutral and summer tolerance provides 12 months of flower power.

Coleus Le Freak

A new stand-alone variety suitable for mass garden plantings or to add a fun and feathery texture to combination plantings. Le Freak has long narrow foliage with a trendy color combination of variegation that blends well with any color palette. Le Freak is sun or shade tolerant for easy gardener success.

Phlox Woodlander Series

A new interspecific evergreen groundcover phlox with extended flower power. The blooms are larger than traditional subulate types for added retail appeal and last much longer on the bench and in the garden. Woodlander phlox are adaptable to both sun and partial shade for better consumer success.


Begonia benariensis BIG® White Green Leaf

Our most exciting BIG addition: Extremely well branched with short internodes so it’s covered with blooms. Outstanding garden performance lives up to the BIG Begonia name. Earlier to set blooms then perfect mounded habit later in the season. Extremely heat tolerant.

Begonia Groovy™ Series

The Groovy™ series is a new compact boliviensis begonia series from seed. Their mounded, semi-trailing habit makes shipping easy! Superior germination rate, outstanding plug performance and uniformity across the series makes growing easy. Bigger flowers and shorter internodes for more color at retail. Thrives in full sun to partial shade.

Begonia Nonstop

The most trusted series in tuberous begonias now has two new bicolors! Begonia Nonstop Fire has distinct orange edges with a bright yellow center and Sunset has a warm yellow center that radiates orange tones out to the edge of each petal. A great option for Mother’s Day!

Begonia Nonstop Mocca

Begonia Nonstop Mocca Deep Red brings a unique color to the industry. The flower is the deepest red on the market with rich bronze foliage. Exceptional seed quality will make it an industry standard. Wow your customers with this unforgettable variety.

Celosia Brainiac

If you’re familiar with Benary’s Amigo series, you will love their new Brainiac Series. Early flowering, heat tolerant, and compact, the Brainiac series is outstanding for packs and 4”. They also have better germination, and availability than the Amigos with the same great outdoor performance! What a fun, memorable product!

Petunia Success HD

Growers love Petunia SUCCESS! HD for their high-density production! Now Benary is expanding this genetically compact series with a new Light Pink! A perfect color for spring hanging baskets, it also blends with other colors for outstanding mixed containers, all with the proven garden performance of the SUCCESS! name.

Rudbeckia Amarillo Gold

Rudbeckia Amarillo Gold is a compact, more uniform version of Prairie Sun. Our breeders were able to keep the large, eye-catching flowers the same size while “shrinking” the height of the plant. The result is a stunning, well branched plant with rugged garden performance that is easy to ship!

Salvia Farina

The new Salvia Farina Lavender Bicolor makes seven distinct colors in the series! The Salvia Farina Series is well branched and early flowering which means your benches will be filled with more flowers all season. The Salvia Farina Series is also the most uniform in height between colors for extremely consistent containers.

Bidens Taka Tuka

Named for the gold coins from Pippi Longstocking’s Taka Tuka land, Bidens Taka Tuka Series is always fun and exciting. New Taka Tuka Yellow Red Star is no exception. This brilliant new bicolor has an outstanding habit that is great in baskets or combos.

Lantana Evita

An entire new series of eight colors! Heat tolerant, well branched and compact these bright beauties will be your go-to for full sun mixed containers. Low seed set keeps blooms coming all season long.

Suntory Flowers

Pericallis ‘Senetti Violet’

A vibrant new color joins the Senetti line: ‘Senetti Violet’ has deep violet-blue flowers with white radiating from the center eye for dramatic effect. Plants are more compact than top-selling Senetti varieties Magenta Bicolor and Blue Bicolor. Habit is similar to ‘Senetti Ruby Red.’ Excellent in gallon pots. Perfect for early spring sales, Senetti delivers cool colors for the cool season!

Catharanthus ‘Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss’ and ‘Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef’

Pucker up for the new Soiree Kawaii color, Blueberry Kiss! Denim blue flowers with dark purple eyes offer a great new hue for summer landscapes and combination plantings. Also new for 2021 is ‘Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef,’ an improvement to Coral that is more compact, to match the series.

Petunia ‘Surfinia Purple Heart’ and ‘Surfinia Heartbeat Improved’

‘Surfinia Heartbeat’ now has a companion, ‘Surfinia Purple Heart.’ Each white flower features a pattern of five purple hearts. Perfect for patriotic promotions! Also new is Heartbeat Improved, which offers better overall performance.

Scaevola ‘Surdiva Purple’

Purple joins Suntory’s amazingly compact and colorful Surdiva scaevola series! Plants are covered with amethyst-colored fan-shaped flowers. Great to mix in combinations with other heat-loving summer annuals. Purple joins Surdiva Blue Violet, Fashion Pink, Sky Blue and White Improved.

Bracteantha ‘Granvia Gold’

Offered in 2020 on a trial basis, Granvia Gold is a supersized strawflower — a vigorous plant with large golden blooms. This plant is perfect for large patio pots, stunning in beds, with an outstanding summer performance, even in the South. Granvia Gold is suitable for spring, summer and fall sales. Minimum recommended pot size is gallon.

Intergeneric hybrid ‘Grandaisy White Improved’

Suntory is perfecting its Grandaisy series. The new White Improved solves problems with the previous white: Northern growers were seeing foliage bleaching in cooler temperatures. Plants also have a fuller habit and time better with the rest of the series. Grandaisy produces showstopping plants with large blooms in a unique color range.

Rose ‘Brindabella Pink Princess’

Brindabella Roses offer the best of both worlds — modern disease-resistance and performance, but old-fashioned flowers and fragrance! Flowers are fully petaled, like a hybrid tea. New Pink Princess produces gorgeous frosting pink blooms and is a sport of Purple Prince.

Senetti Suntory Mixers: Neon Nites and Bicolor Blitz

Suntory Flowers will offer Senetti combo kits at the cuttings farms next season. Top sellers blend beautifully together in large planters. Bicolor Blitz pairs Senetti Magenta Bicolor with Blue Bicolor. Neon Nites pairs Magenta with Deep Blue. Cool colors for the cool season!