Start protecting your plants early

Increasing Profits - Root Infecting Diseases

Joe Lara, director of marketing at BioWorks, explains how RootShield PLUS+ can help growers protect their plants from root infecting diseases.

August 19, 2021

Plants need a lot of protection, especially in the early stages of their lives.

Joe Lara, director of marketing at BioWorks, says that plants are extremely vulnerable to root diseases when they’re young, so getting your plants off to a good start is important and improves their overall growth and consistency for the remainder of their lives.

Luckily, growers have options for fighting root diseases. BioWorks offers RootShield PLUS+, an organic biological fungicide that prevents root diseases and promotes healthy root systems. BioWorks has two forms of RootShield PLUS+: a granular form, RootShield PLUS+ Granules, and a wettable powder form, RootShield PLUS+ WP.

With RootShield PLUS+ Granules, growers incorporate the product into the growing media so that it can flourish there and work on the plants’ roots. By doing this, RootShield PLUS+ can grow with the plant and protect it from harm.

RootShield PLUS+ WP, on the other hand, is typically mixed with and dissolved into irrigation water. Lara notes that this wettable powder can sometimes be easier and more flexible for smaller growers who don’t have the technology or ability to incorporate the granular form into their soil mixes. But whichever form you use, Lara says, RootShield PLUS+ will give your plants the protection they need.

What makes plants more susceptible to root diseases in their early stage? Lara says there are several factors, including nutrient deficiency, overwatering, temperature, poor sanitary practices, and the type of cultivar you’re growing. With all these threats, growers need to make sure they get RootShield PLUS+ applied early enough so they give their young plants a fighting chance. If you want the best crops, you have to start out with young, healthy plants.

And RootShield PLUS+ can be used on just about any genus of plant out there. From vegetables to ornamentals to cannabis, RootShield PLUS+ is a universal protector against root diseases. Practically every grower has a plant that can benefit from the use of RootShield PLUS+.

It’s often thought that biological-based products can have a bit of a learning curve for growers who have never used them before. Luckily, BioWorks has support staff and subject experts who are ready to help growers in their journey using biologicals. Everyone at BioWorks is committed to getting their customers what they need. Lara says that “Grower success is our success.” After 25 years of success, BioWorks has developed a reputation among growers as a quality supplier.

If you’ve never used biological products before, there’s never been a better time to start than now. Lara says that in the last 10 to 15 years, there have been a lot of improvements in biological products, and that growers who haven’t utilized them in the recent past should take another look at the ones that are on the market today. “They’re missing out,” he explains.