A time of both great challenges and great opportunities.

A message from our State of the Tomato Market sponsor.

As we enter the second year of the Covid pandemic, the situation continues to evolve – along with our sense of “normalcy”. Many are still experiencing a sense of uncertainty about what the future holds, albeit with a sense of hope on the horizon, as vaccines are rolled out across the globe. During these unprecedented times, the only certainty is that we will continue to face uncertainty and new challenges over the coming weeks and months.

At times like this, it is important to remember that it is often the toughest times that lead to the greatest opportunities. We truly believe there will be many new opportunities for growers of food crops, as food supply chains are scrutinized in the aftermath of the pandemic. During the pandemic, not only did demand outstrip supply in several areas of the supply chain but, in many cases, there was no contingency “plan B” to fall back on. As such, retailers and distributors will be looking to ensure future security of the entire food supply chain – along with reduced lead-times and seamless access to localized production wherever possible. Hence, we should see increased support for growers of food crops as both governments and consumers demand more secure access to healthy, sustainably produced food.

The pandemic has also exposed how vulnerable growers are to disruptions in their production when relying on foreign vendors and foreign workers for their infrastructure needs. At P.L. Light Systems, our team of in-house experts (including light planners, manufacturing team, customer service and technical support), as well as our locally based regional sales managers, are – as always – fully available to support our customers and quickly resolve any issues across North & South America.  Our own success is, after all, rooted in the success of our customers. We know their challenges, and are here to support them before, during, and long after they have invested in our products.  When you choose a P.L. Light Systems’ product, you are investing in the peace of mind that you are dealing with an established, local North American based company offering local service and support – especially during the times you need it the most.  

This year also marks an exciting milestone for P.L. Light Systems, as the company celebrates 40 years of delivering professional grow light systems to the horticultural industry. Although we won’t be able to host the type of anniversary celebrations we would have liked, we will very much be celebrating our dedicated team of employees and loyal customers. I have always been proud to lead our extraordinary team at PL, but throughout this incredibly unpredictable and challenging year, I have been immeasurably proud of how everyone in the organization stepped up to the challenge. Motivated by what they see as a responsibility to local growers, and the opportunity to make a difference during these challenging times, our employees have all continued to work hard to ensure customers are receiving all the support they need to keep growing – both today and in the future.

We at P.L. Light Systems are proud to be supporting the growers that people are relying on to deliver fresh, nutritious produce in almost every community across Canada and the USA.

Todd Phillips
President, P.L. Light Systems

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