Structured for success

Problem Solvers - Structures

With Atlas’ specially designed structures, growers can experience easier production that’s tailored to their needs.

February 26, 2020

Photo courtesy of Atlas Greenhouse

Atlas Greenhouse manufactures greenhouse solutions for growers who face many production challenges. Atlas produces a diverse selection of products for the horticulture industry that includes greenhouses for commercial, retail, educational and hobby growers as well as numerous accessory products that provide the ideal environment for year-round plant production.

Atlas designs and engineers all commercial structures to withstand the inclement weather conditions for all regions of the U.S. For growers who require taller gutter heights and increased air flow, Atlas can provide a structure specifically to fit your needs. Atlas’ knowledgeable sales team works closely with each individual customer to ensure their specific requirements are met and that viable cost-efficient solutions are incorporated into each design.

Atlas’ design team listens to the needs of growers to collaborate with engineering and drafting to create the best solution. Growers are faced with many types of problems. For growers who need supplemental and controlled lighting, Atlas’ light deprivation systems provides a full range of settings. For growers who are faced with challenges of production space within the greenhouse, Atlas’ design team works to utilize every square foot of the greenhouse with solutions such as rolling benches. The Super Arch is one of many structures manufactured by Atlas that’s designed to solve problems that arise in traditional growing applications. For almost any crop, growing in an Atlas Greenhouse yields successful solutions.