Super Cyclamen

Departments - Culture / A How-To Production Guide

November 24, 2015

Photo courtesy of Sakata seed

Sakata Seed America offers a complete line of cyclamen, bred by Schoneveld Breeding. Ken Harr is the product technical manager for Sakata Seed supporting growers/customers with the latest, up-to-date cultural information of Sakata ornamental genetics. Harr provided these cultural tips for growing the Super Cyclamen.

Disease control

Because cyclamen naturally have a dense canopy of foliage as they approach finishing, the air movement through the crop can be inhibited. Preventative fungicide applications should be applied to prevent Botrytis, and other foliage and stem diseases. Additionally, Fusarium can be a problem especially in plants that are watered overhead and are exposed to splashing between plants and rows. If at all possible, it is highly advisable to place cyclamen crops on drip-tubes, capillary mats, or ebb and flow benches or floors. This will greatly alleviate the incidence of diseases spreading throughout the crops.