Svensson acquires Hinova
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Svensson acquires Hinova

Following a successful partnership between the two companies that started in 2021, Svensson has now acquired Hinova.

In 2021, AB Ludvig Svensson (Svensson) and Beektech Industries BV (Hinova) started a distribution agreement and collaboration. Svensson introduced ClimaFlow, a solution that combines Hinova’s VentilationJet System and Svensson’s Climate House advisory service. What began as a partnership between two brands has led to a strategic business acquisition by Svensson.

As of June 1, Svensson owns Hinova and its assets. Hinova will be part of the Svensson group and act as an independent production and development company, whereas all sales are performed as ClimaFlow by Svensson. Hans Weisbeek, the former owner and general manager of Hinova, acts as an external partner to Svensson and offers his knowledge and expertise to ensure that the ventilation jet system will stay innovative. Additionally, all other Hinova employees will stay on board within Hinova.

Svensson will continue to broaden its climate solution offering, by giving growers the tools to control humidity, temperature, light and UV radiation in greenhouses. With this acquisition, Svensson strengthens its position as a climate solution partner further to deliver on their promise of a better climate for people and plants.

Hinova, a producer of the innovative vertical ventilation systems, stands for quality and well-proven technology. By adding the knowledge and products of Hinova to its offering, Svensson grows further towards the ambition to be a leading climate solutions partner in the horticultural industry by offering ClimaFlow.

ClimaFlow gives growers the ability to keep their climate screens closed, utilizing the screen to its fullest, achieving an optimal, homogenous climate for their crop.