American Takii: Brand new for 2022

American Takii: Brand new for 2022

Introductions from the international seed breeder at the 2021 California Summer Trials


Notable new varieties introduced at CAST 2021 by American Takii:


Photo by Matthew J. Grassi

Helianthus F1 Orange ‘DMR’ (Downy Mildew Resistance)


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of American Takii’s Helianthus line, the breeder is debuting a new sunflower variety with stepped up downy mildew resistance for 2022. Big and plentiful blooms, eye catching colors, and low maintenance weather-tolerant growing characteristics combine to take this classic pollinator friendly genus to the next level.



Photo by Kate Spirgen

Trilogy Series petunia ‘Pink Lips’

A blazing pink entrant to American Takii’s Trilogy petunia series, this new for 2022 growing season variety features uniform flower emergence and a consistent growing habit that benefits all three green industry stakeholders (grower-retailer-plant parent) – hence the name Trilogy. These petunias stay compact with little to no PGR application, and its short internode branching keeps the blooms coming all season long.




Photo by Kate Spirgen

Delphinium ‘Jenny’s Pearl’

This eye-catching blue hued delphinium is ideal for use in the garden, containers, or in cut flower production, according to the breeder. This blue beauty will keep throwing out flowers even in high temperature conditions, and it’s prolific spray of 1.5 inch blooms reportedly do not fade even after months of high light environment exposure.