Thriving with mycorrhizae

Ask the Experts - Mychorrizae applications

Mycorrhizal Applications’ latest product offers growers a new tool to grow better plants.

April 19, 2022

Greenhouse Management: First of all, tell us a bit about MycoApply EndoThrive, and what is unique about this new product?

Jozsef Racsko: MycoApply EndoThrive is a truly unique mycorrhizal inoculant product, which is a result of several years of formulation development work and biological trialing. This product is the outcome of a collaboration between Mycorrhizal Applications and Valent BioSciences.

This is the first liquid inoculant that is stable for at least two years. The carrier is a non-aqueous liquid that keeps the active ingredient, i.e., the mycorrhizal propagules, stable and prevent them from contamination, in contrast with water-based formulations that have a very limited shelf life.

It was developed to be compatible with fertilizers. This feature gives growers the flexibility of applying the inoculant together with other fertilizer products, in one single application.

MycoApply EndoThrive contains a unique blend of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species; Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus etunicatum and Glomus aggregatum. Each is responsible for a different functional benefit, such as improving stress tolerance, increasing nutrient uptake or improving the general health of the plant.

GM: What are the benefits of adding mycorrhizae to a greenhouse growing protocol?

JR: Mycorrhizal fungal inoculants are used to improve stress tolerance, and nutrient and water uptake of plants. Mycorrhizal fungi are extremely effective in reducing negative effects of drought stress or nutrient deficiency. These effects can result in a better vegetative growth, more flowers, better looking plants and ultimately greater return for the grower.

GM: What are some of the advantages of liquid mycorrhizal inoculant products?

JR: They are easier to handle and measure out the required amounts. Another advantage over dry powder formulations is that they don’t clump once the package is opened. They are also better in outdoor applications. Liquid mycorrhizal inoculants have been on the market for years, but until now only water-based products were available.

GM: What are the professional application options for MycoApply EndoThrive?

JR: This product can be applied in many different ways to fit the grower’s production technology and equipment setup. The most common ways of applying MycoApply EndoThrive is through the injection systems, drench, or drip irrigation. Again, the great thing about it is that it can be added to the fertilizer stock tank or applied with liquid fertilizer feed.

GM: What sizes are available, and where can growers find this new product?

JR: MycoApply EndoThrive is available in pint bottles and gallon jugs. Each pint makes 200 gallons of application solution, and each gallon of product makes 1,600 gallons of application solution. MycoApply products are available through many leading horticulture distributors: mycoapply-distributor-map/.