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Lambert Peat Moss’ success is based on our preoccupation for rigorous quality control and consistency of our products.

March 26, 2019

Photo courtesy of Lambert Peat Moss

For over 90 years, Lambert Peat Moss, family-owned business, has been acknowledged as a leader in the production of superior growing media and a steward of the environment. Our devotion and passion for our products makes us the perfect partner, whether you are a professional grower or an amateur horticulturist. Well-known for our ability to quickly adapt to the customer’s requests and special needs, Lambert’s success is based on our preoccupation for rigorous quality control and consistency of our products.

At Lambert, quality is a priority; that’s why we maintain a complete in-house quality control laboratory. Our agronomists and engineers have developed procedures to make sure that every cubic foot of product leaving the yard complies with our strict standards. We reassess quality control procedures regularly to increase product quality and consistency. To comply with chemical standards, we sample products constantly and analyze for pH and EC. We also analyze particle size distribution, porosity and moisture content and we measure the yield and fitness of our bags at every production. Finally, we run random greenhouse tests to evaluate our products’ performance.

But the true pillar of Lambert’s success is our people. Our technical staff of experienced agronomists and soil technicians is always ready to help and advise our customers with any questions they may have. In addition, our sales team is comprised of industry veterans and experienced growers who truly love what they do and strive for customer success.

Lambert offers a large selection of professional & retail growing mixes as well as selected premium types of Canadian sphagnum peat moss for specific uses and productions. The “LM” and “GFM” series are professional growing substrates that use specially processed Canadian Peat Moss as a base to provide growers with a superior and consistent growing media. These mixes can use other components that may include perlite, vermiculite, coir, Ecopeat and composted bark. Lambert also produces organic mixes (OMRI Listed) for germination, growing or especially for crops that require high drainage. No worries about the quality of our ingredients as we always select the best quality available on the market!

Photo courtesy of Lambert Peat Moss

Lambert Peat Moss also offers commercial growers our exclusive ECOPEAT, a highly fibrous natural wood fiber collected from our peat bogs. Depending on the characteristics you’re looking for, choose from our ECOPEAT as a stand-alone product or from our complete line of ready-to-use ECOPEAT Mixes (EPM). If you need exceptional balance of air space and water-holding capacity, with superior longevity and minimal shrinkage, EPM will be the best product to look for.

In order to meet and surpass the needs of our clients, Lambert proposes the possibility to customize all our «Standard» Professional Peat-Based Substrates and gives the option to custom blend virtually any formulation that suits the growers. Depending on the characteristics the producer is looking for, he can adjust the pH (up or down), or choose the peat grade, a nutrient charge, organic-approved inputs, biologicals or disease-suppressive products. We can provide endless possibilities to fulfill any grower’s expectations. Lambert can assist retailers to develop their own private label of retail potting mixes and landscape soils for the horticultural market.

Lambert proudly holds the VeriFlora® – Certified Peatland Products certification for responsible peatland management since 2011. This certification program is the industry’s most important standard. Compliancy with this program guarantees a firm commitment to ongoing improvement in the production of substrates for horticultural growth and sustainable practices.

The Lambert family and our employees take pride in providing customers with the highest quality of peat products and peat-based mixes while simultaneously nurturing the land that we harvest from. From our family to yours, we are honored to be at the root of your success since 1928.