New in 2022

New in 2022

Vivero Internacional looks into the future of breeding.

June 23, 2021


‘Stellar Orange Ring’ Bidens

Bred by Westhoff, this new 2022 intro is great for setting off combo plantings or even in the landscape as a bedding plant. The blooms’ blaze orange and sunny yellow color contrast is a guaranteed conversation starter in any garden or display. Dense and easy growth manner is perfect for the new grower that wants to feel like a seasoned green thumb.

‘Fingerpaint’ Petunia

New for 2022 from Westhoff’s landscape series is the stunning and prolific ‘Fingerpaint’ Petunia. These are sure to be snapped up by plant parents with an eye for that popping pink that is all the rage of late. A mounded growing habit and a solid package of disease resistance sets this attention-demanding petunia variety apart from the crowd.