Arbré Technologies and Bluestone Perennials: Continuing to deliver on RFID’s promise

Bluestone Perennials, an Ohio-based retailer of perennial plants, is one of the nation’s largest mail-order nurseries, and laser-focused on delivering a superior customer experience.

In order to deliver that experience, Bluestone needs to know as much as possible about its customers and its inventory.

Specifically, Bluestone requires:

  • Flat-level data on the number and type of plants in stock and where they are in the operation, so that data can be analyzed in existing inventory systems.
  • An information flow into Bluestone’s sales-and-order system, to verify shipping quantities and give customers confidence that Bluestone’s website is accurate.
  • A minimum of man-hours invested.

To meet these challenges, in 2019 Bluestone turned to Arbré Technologies for an RFID-based inventory-management (IM) system. Bluestone and Arbré spent most of that year laying the groundwork for its gradual implementation alongside Bluestone’s traditional IM process, and had it largely in place by February 2020, in time for the company’s annual busy season. 

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