Monrovia showcases diverse portfolio of new varieties at Cultivate'21

These 2022 new intros check several of the boxes on what consumers are looking for, including exotic foliage textures, eye-popping colors, and pollinator-attracting characteristics.

Monrovia’s (Asuza, California) 2022 new plant introductions reflect the grower’s focus on diversity in the garden, and demonstrate insights into what consumers are looking for in color, style, and features that will help them grow confidently, according to the breeder. They're also bringing to market some seriously-cool houseplant varieties for that trending segment, as well. 

Many of these intros were tracked down from across the continent of Asia by renowned exotic plant hunter Dan Hinckley.

We visited the Monrovia booth this week in Columbus, Ohio, and met with Chief Marketing Officer Katie Tamony to learn more. Here's four varieties that caught our eye at Cultivate'21. All photos courtesy of Doreen Wynja for Monrovia.


Sparkler® Pink Petite and Sparkler® Purple Petite Butterfly Bush (Buddleja '1331' PPAF, Buddleja ‘2080’ PPAF)

If you’ve always wanted a butterfly bush in your pollinator garden, but thought you didn’t have the space, Monrovia has a solution. Sparkler Pink Petite and Sparkler Purple Petite Butterfly Bush bring compact, pollinator-friendly color to the garden. Topping out at about 4 feet tall, Monrovia’s exclusive Sparkler Series Buddleja features rosy-pink and true purple nectar-filled blooms on a more sturdy silhouette. Loads of flowers sit neatly atop of the foliage without the rangy look typically associated with some buddleia varieties. Sturdy and less brittle stems keep the plant looking tidy all season long. Perfect for small space gardens, its petite size makes Sparkler Butterfly Bush a great container plant too. Hardy in Zones 5-10, growing 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.


Jurassic™ T-Rex Wood Fern (Dryopteris tokyoensis)

Stately and dramatic, Jurassic T-Rex Wood Fern stands tall in the garden. The fronds stay vertical, adding lofty, lime-green color and high texture to shady spaces. Jurassic T-Rex is great for creating borders or framing in structures in the garden. It is hardy in Zones 5-8 and will grow 24 to 36 inches tall and wide.



Jurassic™ Velociraptor Ribbon Fern (Pteris cretica)

Like its common name suggests, Jurassic Velociraptor brings ribbons of bright yellow-green foliage to the partial shade garden. Discovered in the mountains of the Hubei Province of China, this selection is hardier than most Ribbon Fern, growing well in Zones 7-9. Cool climate gardeners can enjoy it indoors in a bright, but not too sunny, window. Jurassic Velociraptor is beautiful in a Zen or woodland garden space, or anywhere you need to add fine texture and movement. It will grow to about 18 inches tall and wide.

Sunvilla™ Mandevilla

Monrovia’s Sunvilla Mandevilla collection provides free-flowing, tropical color in the garden, while remaining well-behaved. Its mounding habit gives it a lusher appeal than other mandevillas. These bold climbers were chosen because their blooms are slower to fade, adding long-lasting enjoyment and interest to an arbor, trellis or hanging basket. Clear, bright colors with yellow throats are backed by glossy green foliage. Choose from Red, White, Pink and Giant Red (shown left) with extra-large blooms. Sunvilla are considered perennials in Zones 9-11 and annual in every other area of the country. Their twining stems reach 15 to 20 feet.

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