New Perennial Varieties Guide

The New Perennials Varieties Guide (NPVD) is your guide to the latest perennial flower varieties from breeders around the world. Every year the Greenhouse Management varieties guide covers the newest introductions – from achilleas to veronicas – along with accompanying colorful, high-resolution photos.

Some top perennial plant varieties from the 2016 New Perennial Varieties Digest include:


1. UpTick Correopsis bred by Darwin Perennials
UpTick is a new hardy coreopsis series and blooms from May through September with fantastic color and easy maintenance — just what perennial gardeners are looking for. Requires no vernalization or long days to flower. Its bigger flowers and longer blooming mean more color at retail and in the garden. It also features mildew resistance. The series includes four eye-catching colors: Cream, Cream & Red, Gold & Bronze, and Yellow & Red.

2. Sedum Mahogany Red bred by Jaldety
Mahogany Red is a low-growing hardy perennial, grown for its attractive succulent, fleshy dark red–mahogany foliage. Heat and drought tolerant. Low maintenance. Great contrasting groundcovers, rock gardens, low borders, along walkways, between stepping stones, front of flower beds, hanging baskets, miniature gardens, containers and combinations.

3. Kniphofia ‘Poco Sunset’ bred by Terra Nova Nurseries
The POCO series is the most compact of series, forming multiple crowns quickly, with each crown producing flowers on short spikes in the first season. The flower spikes of ‘Poco Sunset’ are bicolor red orange and orange, and the plants have very long bloom time with repeat blooming from July through October in Canby, Ore.

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