2017 Greenhouse Greats

2017 Greenhouse Greats - 2017 Greenhouse Greats: Introduction

From successful breeders to website gurus, here are 10 people, businesses and institutions pushing the greenhouse industry forward.

The strongest businesses are ones that continually innovate, motivate and support their staff, and never settle for less than their best. The people behind these operations are the glass half-full type, who choose to see opportunity in the wake of setbacks, and pick solutions over complaints. They’re true believers that if they don’t evolve and adapt to this ever-changing industry, they may very well get left behind.

While the market has certainly bounced back since the Great Recession, it is never without its own set of challenges — some old, some new. We know them well: labor, effective marketing and pest and disease management, among others.

But what makes a business great is its ability to tackle these hurdles head-on to find success, and then share their stories so that we all may learn and improve.

In this issue of Greenhouse Management, we have the privilege of featuring 10 industry members (linked below) who are on the cutting edge of positive change in horticulture.

American Floral Endowment

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

North Carolina State University

Thorsen's Greenhouse

Van Belle Nursery

Brianna Genovese, ArizonaEast

Brent Horvath, Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

Bradford Greenhouses

Stutzmans Greenhouse

Rebecca Persian, Monrovia