State of the Industry Report

Each year Greenhouse Management releases its State of the Industry Report which covers research and results, coupled with articles that will help you improve your business for a strong future. The report tackles issues like revenue and sales in the greenhouse market and how the weather has impacted the green industry, trends and demand in crops and production for growers,  management challenges, sustainability and finance, where the market is heading in the near future and what you need to know to grow your business and thrive.


Individual reports:

2018 State of the Industry Report: The labor game

This year’s two biggest pain points were clear — labor and trucking. Labor has been a challenge for several years, but this year’s report shows that the problem is exceeding previous levels. And with the recent implementation of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, many growers found themselves scrambling to find drivers and trucks to transport their plants to market.


2017 State of the Industry Report: Striking a balance

The past 12 months have been eventful for the greenhouse industry, with both positive and negative influences shaping the way that growers do business. We’ve seen the bankruptcy of several greenhouse companies, including a few larger operations, genetics controversy with the discovery of foreign genes in orange petunias, legislative changes with a new federal administration, continuing challenges with labor and rising shipping costs. However, we've also seen plenty of new, innovative varieties, technological developments and opportunities for growth. Growers have been balancing the good with the bad and persevering, which has led to their continued success.

2016 State of the Industry Report
Hone your business with the latest insights, analysis and research of greenhouse growing. The overall feel of 2016 has been one of stability and consistency. While we’re not seeing the sales explosion that we did as the economy started to significantly rebound in 2013, the numbers tell us that the industry is in a relatively stable place. In addition to the charts, graphs and analysis you’re used to seeing in the State of the Industry Report, this year we’re including commentary from growers across the U.S. and Canada. Check out what the survey says.

2015 State of the Industry Report: New neighborhoods, New opportunities
2015 was a good year for the housing market, and the economy has continued its recovery, but perhaps not as quickly as some would like. Overall, we’re seeing that these trends have impacted the horticultural industry in a positive way, and most growers anticipate future growth. Find out the results of the report.

2014 State of the Industry Report: Find your focus
The economic outlook for the American economy is still unsure. Job growth has been slow, but steady. Corporate profits are increasing but competition from abroad has made many industries pessimistic about the future. These symptoms appear to extend to horticulture in this year’s State of the Industry Report. However, there are reasons for hope. Find out why and what the results said.

2013 State of the Industry Report: A savvy strategy
Green industry companies will find the economy providing enough support for them to make progress, but 2014 will not be strong enough to bail out poorly managed operations. The local economy is important to everyone, and local economies will continue to be quite varied. However, the largest driving force in most communities will be the national economy. Find out the results of the report.


2012 State of the Industry: Navigating Ahead
The 2012 State of the Industry report indicates that the industry is moving in the right direction. In just one year, players in the greenhouse industry have gone from about one-half having no confidence at all that the market will improve, to just slightly higher than one-third sharing that sentiment. It’s proof-positive that things never stay the same, and sometimes they even get better. Find put the results of the report and how the growers responded.