Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Low-cost temporary growing space

By John W. Bartok Jr.

Cold frames, interspace add-ons and high tunnels are a few options that can tide you over before you start to ship. More

PSI’s most wanted: Western Flower Thrip

By Raymond Cloyd

Western flower thrips continue to be the most destructive insect pest for greenhouse growers. Here’s how you stop them. More

Plan for drought with water-wise plants

By Leslie Finical Halleck

Demand for water is higher than ever. Growers should focus on drought-tolerant plant offerings to appeal to irrigation-conscious consumers. More

Replacing chemistry with biology

By Cassie Neiden

Allison Justice, co-owner and lead grower for Hope Greenhouses, LLC, is an advocate of using biological agents and implements her research directly into her own crops. More

Light years ahead

By Cassie Neiden

Researchers, manufacturers and growers weigh in on the present and (near) future of LED grow lighting. More

Product Spotlight

Tee-1-Up WDG Fungicide

Tee-1-Up WDG from SipcamAdvan has the active ingredients Chlorothalonil and Thiophanate-methyl, comparable to Consyst® WDG. ... More

Latest News

Goodwill announces new Small Business Program with Pennsylvania greenhouse

The company's "From Seed to Sale" program will help individuals with disabilities grow and sell plant products. More

GIE Media Inc. announces acquisition of Cannabis Business Times

The new title serves the state-legal cannabis industry, and joins the publications in GIE Media’s Horticulture group. More

National Institute of Food and Agriculture announces funding for nanotechnology

The agency is offering $3.8 million in grants. More

Pleasant View Gardens promotes new National Sales Manager

Andy Huntington will assume the role. More

Horticulture education program set for April 29 in Texas

The program will discuss low-water horticultural practices in the Panhandle. More

Nine states running out of water

By Yahoo! News

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, nine states have at least 20 percent of their land affected by severe to exceptional drought. More

Congress pushes back on EPA's 'Waters' rule

New legislation would require EPA to withdraw its proposed rule redefining bodies of water that are subject to regulation. More

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Procuring more plants

Bailey Nurseries discusses the advantages of acquiring Plant Introductions Inc. from Michael Dirr and his team. More