Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Greenhouse Management's April edition available as enhanced app

The April edition features all of the content you've come to love, plus interactive bonuses. More

AFE approves more than $280,000 in research funding

The money will support five continuing projects, five new projects, and the Gus Poesch Research Fund. More

Groups battle over H-2B retroactive wage increase

AmericanHort commented to Department of Labor officials that the law does not provide for retroactive increases. More

Registration open for All-America Selections Summer Road Trip event

The three-day event will be held in North Carolina and is open to anyone interested in attending. More

Greenhouse Management's March edition available as enhanced app

The magazine's March edition is available on iPads and iPhones right now. More

Product Spotlight

PERpose Plus algaecide, fungicide

PERpose Plus from A Growing Alternative Inc. is a hydrogen-peroxide-based product. This broad spectrum algaecide and fungicide is OMRI listed... More

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Prison-grown plants?

A North Carolina prison is using a greenhouse to rehabilitate criminals and grow crops. More

'Short 'n' Sassy' helenium and Erysimum 'Honeyberry'

Skagit is displaying a number of varieties at Spring Trials 2014. More

Historic San Francisco greenhouse may remain open

The historic Portola neighborhood greenhouse may be saved from redevelopment. More

Iowa greenhouse utilizes industrial heat

A Fairfield, Iowa, greenhouse is borrowing heat from an industrial neighbor to grow veggies. More

Companion Biological Fungicide gets new packaging

The Growth Products fungicide has a new royal blue package that is now more durable. More

Research could produce a new generation of high-yield plants

Research from the University of Warwick is altering the understanding of plant development, and could lead to a new generation of high-yield plants. More

Nexus adds Hess to sales team

Michael Hess joins the Nexus sales team. More

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Spring Trials: Celebrate, Accentuate, Cultivate, Appreciate

New varieties for décor inside and out, and “family” gardening are part of American Takii’s retail merchandising strategy. More