Terra Nova Nurseries receives trial garden awards
Agastache POQUITO Orange
Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

Terra Nova Nurseries receives trial garden awards

The company received awards at three premier trial gardens across the country.


Terra Nova Nurseries announced via press release that numerous varieties received high honors at the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia (UGA), the Perennial Flower Trial Garden at Colorado State University (CSU) and Smith Gardens New Product Showcase in Marysville, Washington. The global breeder’s Echinacea KISMET White received UGA’s “Classic City Award” for its long-lasting nature, flowering ability and color. Penstemon DAKOTA ‘Burgundy’ received CSU’s “Top Performer” award for its foliage, prolific blooms and reliability. Terra Nova’s Agastache POQUITO series received the “Best Pollinator-friendly Perennial” award at Smith Gardens New Products Showcase.

The selected and awarded variety at UGA was picked by the trial gardens’ staff, and their determination was based on year-round performance and eye-catching beauty. This year marks the second consecutive year a Terra Nova Nurseries plant has received the Trial Gardens at UGA “Classic City Award.” Terra Nova’s Agastache POQUITO Butter Yellow won the award in 2019. Terra Nova trialed select varieties at the Trail Gardens at UGA from May to October 2020.

Terra Nova Nurseries’ Echinacea KISMET White was trialed in the American Southeast at UGA’s trial gardens and survived a hot summer season while maintaining its appearance. It is common for white-flowering plants to fade to brown very quickly and not be long-blooming; Echinacea KISMET White impressed the staff at UGA trial gardens as it trended in the opposite direction of white-flowered competitors by keeping its color and interest longer into the season.

Terra Nova’s Penstemon DAKOTA ‘Burgundy’ was selected by members of the CSU trial garden’s staff as a ‘Top Performer.’ It is a very reliable plant and had 100% survival over three seasons it was trialed. The plant’s dark burgundy foliage was a key reason for the superior rating given by administers of the CSU trial gardens.

All Terra Nova’s plants trailed at CSU’s Flower Trial Gardens were planted in May 2018. Penstemon DAKOTA Burgundy received the ‘Top Performer’ award following its strong 3-year performance at this trial garden, which included two winter seasons.

Three varieties from Terra Nova’s Agastache POQUITO were categorized and awarded as the “Best pollinator-friendly” perennial varieties at the Smith Gardens New Products Showcase. Agastache POQUITO Butter Yellow, Agastache POQUITO Lavender and Agastache POQUITO Orange were well-branched and easy to care for, and bees were drawn in high numbers to the plants’ continuous flushes of flowers. Terra Nova trialed select varieties at Smith Gardens from May to October 2020.

Terra Nova’s Agastache POQUITO series features showy, dense heads of flowers spikes from spring to fall. Varieties in the series has a low, compact and bushy habit, and they make for great border perennials, container color spots or use in mixed beds. Plants in the Agastache POQUITO series are deer resistant in addition to their reputation for attracting pollinators.

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