Tropical plant round-up

Take a look at these new and favorite plants from Florida.

From left to right: Neoregelia 'Merlot', Anthurium 'Tickled Pink', Mandevilla Tropical Breeze
Photos courtesy of respective breeders

Neoregelia ‘Merlot’

Neoregelia 'Merlot’ naturally forms a beautiful rosette 12 to 16 inches across of rich, burgundy-colored foliage. Consumers enjoy months of color. Can be used indoors, on the patio or in the tropical landscape.

Anthurium ‘Tickled Pink’

'Tickled Pink' is a beautiful new Anthurium with flowers that start out dark lavender, maturing to vibrant, florescent pink with lavender overtones. Excellent tolerance to common Anthurium diseases and compact, well-branched growth habit. Perfect for 6 to 8-inch containers.

Mandevilla Tropical Breeze

Mandevilla that brings a higher level of performance to the tropical color category. Three beautiful color selections are fast-growing, early-flowering varieties with dark, glossy green leaves showing excellent disease and insect tolerance. All exhibit heavy branching and intense flowering producing the "wow" product your customers deserve.

From left to right: Ficus Pandurata, Aloe, Spathiphyllum 'Balboa'
Photos courtesy of respective breeders

Ficus Pandurata

The Ficus Pandurata is trendy because of its fiddle-shaped leaves and long, thin trunk. It will need bright light year-round and allow the soil to dry out slightly in between waterings.


Aloe is a fast-growing decorative succulent that doubles as a soothing gel. It's an ideal choice for busy plant lovers.

Spathiphyllum ‘Balboa’

'Balboa' is a fast-growing, large-flowered Spathiphyllum variety with broad, naturally glossy foliage. Excellent natural branching habit produces a full plant with good flower count. Responds well to GA applications. Perfect for 8 to 10-inch containers.

From left to right: Sanseviera, Cat Palm, Rubber Plant
Photos courtesy of respective breeders


Commonly known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,” the Sanseviera may be one of the most popular houseplants.

Cat Palm

Add a tropical feel inside the home with a beautifully textured Cat Palm in the living room near a sunny window. Water daily if needed keep soil moist, but not muddy!

Rubber Plant

The Burgundy Rubber plant makes a dramatic display with its dark green or burgundy leaves.

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